If you are traveling around Iceland with a group that has interest in experiencing camping in Iceland we can offer a unique experience by setting up an awesome camp site for you.

Locations selected by us include:

  • Bathrooms.
  • Utility – BBQ option, electricity etc.
  • Wifi option via LTE.

If you have a certain location in mind we can do research into finding good camping spots in the area.

How it works:

  • You start by contacting us by sending an email to info@outcamping.is or by phone +354 894 9611.
  • Describe your group, when you are coming, where you will be staying, interests and special wishes for your camp.
  • We provide an offer based on your location, group size and wishes.
  • We prepare the equipment and setup camp in your selected location
  • You enjoy camping in Icelandic nature.
  • When you are gone we gather the equipment and pack everything up.